Electronic Cigarette types

Electronic cigarette types & Electronic cigarettes ranges available.

The popularity of Electronic cigarettes increases everyday throughout the world. New e-cigarette suppliers tend to pop up every month wanting to grasp a portion of this fast growing market. Don't worry if you are bewildered in what version to buy as the technology hasn't dramatically changed from the original electronic cigarette. The majority of electronic e cigarettes (also known in USA as personal vaporisers) are based on 3 model types, the Penstyle e-cigarette, the Mini e cigarette and the Supermini e cigarete. Another form is the Super e cigarete but is just a larger version of the Super mini e cig.

There are only a very small number of manufacturers that specialise in the production of electronic cigarettes, just plenty of distributers to choose from. Below is a brief overview of each e cig style and it's benefits and disadvantages (pro's and con's):

Penstyle electronic e cigarettes

Penstyle electronic e cigarette

Penstyle electronic e cigarettes are generally 15cm which is a similar size to a typical ballpoint pen. These models tend to be the largest and therefore heaviets of the types available. The main advantages of the Penstyle e cig is that it holds it's charge longer than other models and it's e cartridge refills hold a greater volume of e liquid (approx 1ml of e liquid eqivelent to 100 puffs or 8 to 10 cigarettes). The disadvantages for the Penstyle e cig is that it's mouthpiece is whistle-shaped, not what the typical smoker may like. It's size is also a disadvantage, often slightly awkward to hold compared to the traditional cigarette size and more troublesome to carry around all day.

Mini electronic cigarettes

The mini electronic cigarette is approximately 11.5cm in length, midway in size between the Supermini e cig and the Penstyle e cig. The clear advantages of the Mini e cig is its decent moderate size and it produces good vapour. The disadvantages of the Mini electronic e cigarette is that it holds less charge than its larger father and less e liquid (0.5ml of e liquid which is approximately 50-75 puffs equivalent to 6 tobacco cigarettes). This also has a whistle type mouth piece and therefore more smokers would feel it more like a mini cigar than a traditional cigarette. (the mini cigarette is the most popular type in the USA)

Supermini electronic cigarette

Super mini electronic cigarettes

The Supermini electronic cigarette is the smallest type of the of the 3 models. It is approximately 10cm in length (same size as traditional cigs) which makes it the most similar and realistic style compared to a real tobacco cigarette. The super mini cigarette even looks remarkably realistic close up. It even has a round mouth piece unlike the other styles. Due to it’s size however, the disadvantage is the lack of e liquid it can hold (0.3ml which is 20-30 puffs equivelent to 2-3 tobacco cigarettes) and it’s battery life is weak.. However, this electronic e cigarette appeals to many people purchasing electronic cigarettes for the first time.
(the Supermini cigarette is the most popular type of e cigarette in the UK)

The super cigarette

Super electronic e cigarette

The super cigarette is slightly larger than a regular cigarette, but still resembles the looks of a tobacco cigarette. The advantages of the Super e cig type is that most smokers find it's size most comfortable and it also produces good vapor. It also has a decent battery life. The disadvantages for the super electronic cigarette is the size of it's e refills, but it's cartridge is actually larger than the Super Mini Cigarette.

Disposable electronic e cigarette

Disposable electronic cigarette

The disposable electronic e cigarettes are formed as one piece with no refillable cartridge or rechargeable battery. They come in a variety of different sizes, but are most commonly the same size as the Mini e Cigarette. The advantages, not many really, just it's convenience. The cons are that the cartridges can't be refilled, nor can the batteries be recharged. Disposable e cigs also produce more waste.

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